Observer (Firstname Name) :
Observation date : (yyyy mm dd) :
Observation UT Time (00:00:00) :
Instrument (make diameter/focus lenght) :
CaK Filter (ex : PST CaK, baader k-line filter) :
Sensor (ex : Toucam Pro II/NB) :
Final Focus length in mm (ex : 1812) :
Observation site (ex : Los Angeles, California, USA ) :

For a best result and display , thanks to respect all instructions.

Evaluate the seeing during your observation :

0 = null (on focus, details are poor)
1 = bad (on focus, image is smooth)
2 = medium (on focus, unstable details but all are visible)
3 = good (on focus, image is mainly steady)
4 = very good (on focus, faint details are visible and image is mainly steady using a barlow lens)
5 = excellent (all details are well visible and even steady using a barlow lens)

What's your image showing ?

Surface area
Facular Area
Sunspot  n° AR1(####)
Flare  spot number associated (box above)

Commentary additionnal informations :
(other sunspot number for example)

A movie or motion to share ?
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